Norms for Publication of Conference Proceedings

The Voice and Choice of Portuguese Immigrant Women

1.The article will be published in Portuguese or English, depending on the language used in the presentation.

2.You must provide 3 paper copies of the text, plus a copy on a diskette in MS Word. The format of the paper should be: double spaced, 12 point font, letter size paper.

3. The first page must contain the title of your paper and an abstract of 100-150 words.

4.Footnotes should be listed and numbered in sequence, at the bottom of each page.

5.Citations in foreign languages must be placed in italics.

6.If your text contains figures or tables, these need to be identified with a title and also numbered.

7.The material (text and diskette) should be sent to: University of Toronto, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

C/ Profª Doutora Maria Manuela Marujo
91 Charles Street W # 208,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 1K7

Each paper should be NO MORE than 2,500 words, including footnotes.

Papers will be received until: JULY 31, 2003


1.Bibliography should be organized in alphabetical order, single spaced, 10 point font, following international norms.

Responsibility and Rights of the Authors

1.The content of the work is the responsibility of the authors

2.After the publication of the proceedings, the articles become the property of the university.

3.Each author will receive a free copy of the book.